White Picket Fence

What does the phrase White Picket Fence mean to you?  To me, it symbolizes middle-class suburban life with a family and children, large house, and peaceful living.  To others it may symbolize something standard or old-fashioned.  Whatever this phrase makes you think about, this blog is my way of creating a platform for discussing ways of becoming financially independent.

For many, financial independence is a dream only fulfilled by those we read about on the Internet or see on TV.  But what about the 9-5er that followed a not so glamorous path, earned a college degree or two and is living paycheck to paycheck?  Is it fair to say this person will never have financial independence?

On the other hand, what about the individual fortunate enough to have millions at the age of 22, but by the age of 29 they are broke?  Is it fair to say this person didn’t have good advisors or allowed themselves to be brought down by the wrong people?

I’m sure if you are reading this post you can think of at least one person that falls into one of these scenarios.  Is it fair to judge?

Many questions not enough answers.  Help me use this platform as an opportunity to pay it forward and help one another fulfill their dreams.



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